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“Ontarians want their MPPs to listen to them, they want them to represent their riding's views at Queen's Park, not the party's views back to the riding.  Enter Consensus Ontario...!”

Brad Harness, Party Leader, Consensus Ontario



11 May 2018

As we begin our election campaigns in various ridings around Ontario, our candidates are eager and willing to speak with any and all voters about what your priorities are for the Ontario Government in the years ahead.

We also will be asking for your feedback on our central election plank - getting rid of all parties in  Ontario and replacing them with only Independent MPPs, properly representing the majority view in your riding, issue by issue...this system is called Consensus Government, and it is not new to Canada, being in use in our northern territories for over 100 years now.

Our policy positions have been crafted to meet the random voter priorities that we identified in 2016 and 2017 as we surveyed random voters in random ridings around the province.  Please read our Election Platform page.  For more indepth policy details, please visit the Our Policy and Policy Discussions pages on this website.

ONTARIANS do have a better choice in this election, where CONSENSUS ONTARIO candidates are running... please see the Consensus Ontario Candidates 2018 election page.   

I, along with the rest of our candidates and party members, welcome your participation in our new party, the party to end all parties, so please donate to our party, to your local candidate if you have one, and join as a member.  If you have the time volunteer for one of our candidates and also be sure to sponsor a lawn sign! 

Brad Harness


The Big Reveal

Unhappy with Ontario politics?  

Then 2017/18 is your lucky year...

Our provincial association is now for a registered provincial party

ONTARIO - After some years of discussions, several well-meaning Ontario citizens have banded together to create a new and different type of political party for Ontario.  CONSENSUS ONTARIO is now registered as an official party .

Consensus Ontario was developed by Bradley Harness, a long-time political activist, populist, and former political candidate. Brad’s objective has been to see a party operate in Ontario that represents the wishes of the majority of order to remove all parties from Ontario politics.

Along with organizers at the local level in places such as Ottawa, Milton, London, Niagara, Windsor, North Bay, Toronto and Sudbury, the basic outlines of the party were sorted out. The party name was registered with Elections Ontario in the summer of 2016 and now the party has begun to organize in ridings around the province. 

It is clear that many voters in Ontario are dissatisfied with the governing provincial Liberals under Kathleen Wynne, and are equally unhappy to support both the Ontario PC’s under Doug Ford and the Ontario NDP under Andrea Horvath. 

 The reasons for this unhappiness is that all three major parties operate in the traditional, top-down, ‘Father Knows Best’ manner. That results in partisan politics, mud-slinging, policies that favour special interest groups and divide the Ontario electorate into smaller specialized pieces, creating disunity and a lack of harmony. Little gets done. Not much changes.

Consensus Ontario, on the other hand, is built from the ground up to do politics differently. Our party is adamant that our priorities must come from you, the voters of the province. To that end we are surveying ordinary, random voters in ridings across Ontario, tapping into what you believe the government should be doing with your hard-earned tax dollars. 

Riding by riding surveys get at your real priorities

ONTARIO - The riding survey work began in May 2016.  The survey includes asking random, ordinary voters - who live in the riding - which of the province’s 43 responsibilities they care about. In this way, the surveyor is able to rank the voter’s priorities. The survey takes about 10-15 minutes and the goal is to produce a ranked list of the Top 15 priorities for that voter in that riding.

Additional voters in the same riding are surveyed, of course, and then a Riding Priority List is compiled. That riding list is then used later by the party to craft its province-wide Provincial Priorities List, which compiles  the riding priorities lists from the other ridings in Ontario.

This survey work is an annual event for Consensus Ontario, and is considered vital, as it is at the very heart of true representation, ensuring government does those things voters care about and really want done.

Consensus Ontario policies


ONTARIO - The Provincial Priorities List created through the riding by riding surveys each year is an important tool for Consensus Ontario. It is what determines where party and candidate/MPP’s efforts must be focused.  The Riding Priority List is what determines how a Consensus Ontario MPP will vote on each issue - truly representing the majority view in their riding.

As it is an annual survey, it is fully expected that the priorities of Ontario voters may - and likely will - change over time. That is why it is done each year, to ensure we are plugged into what is important to Ontarians. Parties that are out of step with voters can expect to be judged harshly at election time...and rightly so!

Government exists to do those things with voters cannot efficiently and economically do for themselves. That does not mean doing everything for voters, but rather, just certain specific things where government could do it better and more cost-effectively.  Hence, the survey work to identify those priorities people want their provincial government to be involved with.

Once those priorities are identified, then it is time to create the policies which Consensus Ontario believes are the best way to implement each priority and make it a reality for voters.  Party riding delegates form working groups that are tasked with developing detailed policy for each priority identified by you, the voter.

Based on the initial riding survey work, priorities for voters so far seem to focus on the expected issues of electricity, health care, education, transportation, and housing. Policies to address these priorities will  include a standardized electricity rate in lieu of time of day charges; an increase in preventative health care to reduce health care costs in the mid- to long-term; a revision of the school curriculum to focus on identified short-comings, a back-to-basics curriculum, and a breaking up of large school boards; an emphasis on ways to improve highway traffic and safety and improve the commuter experience - including transit systems and high-speed rail for both passengers and freight; and measures to make housing more affordable to both middle and low-income Ontarians.

See What People Are Saying:

"Consensus Ontario is an idea whose time has come!"

Calling All Candidates!

We will be a new political party once registration happens in May.  We are open to new members and new candidates.  Persons interested in this bold & fresh idea for Ontario politics & government - and who would like to run as the Consensus Ontario candidate in their riding - should contact us using the form below.

Consensus Ontario will be successful only through the outreach efforts by our candidates in your ridings right across Ontario.  Those efforts are now underway.  Join today to help Build A Better Ontario.

Contact Us

You have nothing to lose:  Contact us today  and ask whatever questions are on your mind.  Share your comments with us.  Better still, join us as a member of Consensus Ontario.    

To become a member, SIMPLY email us with the names and addresses of those who wish to become members of Consensus Ontario.  You can also post us that same information in the snail mail and send it to:



415 Scott Street East,

Strathroy, Ontario

N7G 3Y8

***Be sure to include your full mailing address as well as the names of all of the voters in your household 16 years of age and older whom you wish to be registered as Consensus Ontario members.

New members/households will receive a welcome letter and membership card (s). 

Membership entitles you to:

a. Run as the Consensus Ontario candidate at election time;

b. participate in our annual priority surveys;

c. do volunteer work for the association to organize;

d. nominate your riding's Consensus Ontario candidate;

e. help develop our policy from priorities identified; and,

f. receive our newsletter each season.

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